Friday, February 22, 2019

What our IAPs are saying

My thoughts were: All people here are doing all the heavy lifting once the client is set up with them. I see what you want, so I am giving to my client directions like: be responsive, be up to the point, don't tell stories nobody asks you for - just stay focused. Some people don't need such directions, but some need them. So, I'm telling them also that when it comes to money, be aware that this people protect you from risk, as no others will do. 
I very much like the dynamic and clarity. I chose to stay and work and invest time and money because I see my name wouldn't be compromised when involving clients from my insurance site of business. You guys did a right offer and never changed it. This is very powerful in any deal. I tried to deal with a small bank, but they don't talk. They don't have any pre qualifying system, so usually your time and their time is waisted plus some money from your site or / and a hit on your credit score. Same like all these business loans companies calling and terrorizing you day and night. 

Long story short: your system fits my moral obligations to the client. 

~Anna R

Monday, February 11, 2019

What our Borrowers are saying

Meagan thank you, so this means they are doing the appraisal for us? Thank God! We felt like the government shutdown for a while neither side wanting to give. We had decided if nothing had changed by tomorrow we were going in a different direction. Thank you and Evie for not quitting but kept trying for us!

Praise God,
Thomas & Trudy M

Monday, February 4, 2019

What our Net Branch Operators are saying

Hi Megan,
First of all, I would like to thank you for your hard work and determination to close the Bridge loan on the above property. We went through a rough time
getting the proper documentation between the lender and the title company but you stayed with it and closed it. HI FIVE Megan
I could say now with great confidence that I made a right decision joining 11 Capital Finance as a Net Branch Operator.
Thanks again- Great Team!!!
Roger M. CA

What our Borrowers are saying



What our IAPs say

Forever grateful for this opportunity!

T.J., IAP ALL STAR, Detroit, MI

What our clients are saying

  I appreciate the good communication on your end. It makes even the small things a lot easier to get sorted.  TK, California