Wednesday, January 18, 2023

What Broker Box Program Participants are Saying!

Our team began its journey into the world of commercial real estate finance just about a month ago and we are already exponentially better off with all the tools, training, and support we have received from the team at 11Capital Finance. From 1-on-1 calls with Chris and Megan to discuss business strategy, deal structuring and placement, to customizing our new company website, online loan applications, and tech tools with Anthony to individual deal processing support with Evie, everyone at 11Capital Finance has made us feel right at home since we got started. Venturing into something new (and as broad as commercial real estate finance) usually comes with a certain level of uneasiness, however, knowing that we have the support at 11Capital Finance just a phone call or email away gives us the confidence to go out there and secure new business relationships and opportunities. We are just getting started and looking forward to a mutually rewarding relationship with the team for years to come!

 Arin G. & Team, CA

What Our Agents are Saying!


"I tried a few other programs since I left 11 Cap, but they just don't do what they promise. 11 Cap has been around for a long time and I trust them. I'm happy to be back. I should have never left.


I want to build a team and tell others about 11 Capital, now that I have my own experiences to share." Fred S.

What our clients are saying

  I appreciate the good communication on your end. It makes even the small things a lot easier to get sorted.  TK, California