Monday, July 1, 2019

New IAP Seizes the Opportunity!

Within his first five days of being in the program, one of our newest IAPs took action and implemented what he learned on the weekly conference call. Then he wrote to Chris and shared his exciting opportunity.   

Hey Chris,

One of the first things I did, about 5 days in as a new IAP, was to email my personal banker to ask her if she does commercial real estate loans.  She replied, "Yes I do!!"  So I wrote back to her to tell her I've started a business where I can potentially monetize for her the applications she has to turn down.

I asked her if I could come in to talk to her in person. She agreed but had to schedule it out for a week. (I'm going to actually see her tomorrow.)  But an hour later she emailed me a quick synopsis about a person who wanted to buy a hotel and her bank wouldn't fund it. She asked me if this were the kind of person I could help? I told her that we never know until we see the details of the deal, but in general, yes, this is exactly the type of applicant I'm asking her to send over to me rather than simply turn them down.

Later that day I got her to complete the Lenders Round Table form online. I still haven't met with her in person yet, and:
1. I got her in the CRM
2. I got her into Lender's Round Table
3. I got the short form submitted by working with the borrower.

All this within a couple hours on the same day I sent her a simple email asking if she did commercial real estate loans. I'm going to meet with her tomorrow (in person finally) and talk to her about how we can help her bank on a larger scale with commissions or charitable donations if she can walk me into her C-Suite. I'm hungry for more of, 100 more!  I've already called the bank that holds my mortgage and worked my way into their CRE division.  That's a big national bank.  I'm hoping to "retire" by Labor Day. Haha! The leverage on these bank turn-downs will be phenomenal when I get them into the groove.

Thanks for your support.

Brian C.
Commercial Real Estate Loan Executive
Comprehensive funding for all of your commercial real estate projects

What our clients are saying

  I appreciate the good communication on your end. It makes even the small things a lot easier to get sorted.  TK, California