Monday, May 7, 2018

Whats IAP's are saying

January 15, 2018 

Advice to fellow rep. “Thanks for the introduction!  Good morning!  Let me say that you are at the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME!  11 Capital Finance is ON THE RISE!!  I'll try to keep this brief :)) Just a little bit about myself, I work full-time as an Accountant for the State.  I went into this business to find some supplemental income that could one day become my full-time income.  I've been with 11 Capital for a little over one year now.  All of 2017 I spent many months going to Meetup groups, posting on social media, and passing out business cards.  I made 100's of contacts, submitted many, many short forms and I watched many, many, many deals die, die, die, die.  Talk about frustration and aggravation.  I felt like giving up.  In fact, I gave up 100's of times "in my mind."  :)) Late in 2017 I closed my very first deal.  Yipeeeeeee!!!  Already in 2018 I'm set to close 5-6 deals just in the month of January.  I've got many of the contacts that I made last year reaching out to me for loans.  The same WILL HAPPEN for you as long as you stick with it.  I like to say in this business you need to have the 3 C's.  That is "Consistency." Keep doing something positive for your business every day. "Communicate" with your borrowers.  Try to make a connection with them.  Finally, you need to have a little bit of "CRAZY" in you :)) You will feel like giving up!! Don't listen to those voices.  Keep moving forward.  You will reap the rewards.  We've got a great team here. Feel free to reach out to me anytime, if you need a PICK ME UP!!  Happy to help!! TJ, Michigan (Accountant)

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  Hi Evie, This is my investor experience sheet, thank you so much for helping me. God bless you! Blandina F.