Wednesday, October 24, 2018

What our Net Branch Operators are saying

"I started working for 11 Capital with no background in Commercial Real Estate, Finance, or even Business. I started in the program simply because I had heavy interest in real estate investing myself, with high hopes, and a blank slate seeing what potential there was through through the success of others. So to that, I had to work with what I had - mornings before work, on breaks and lunch from my W2, and making calls from my other part time job driving a 16-wheeler, all while working to originate leads wherever I could. I didn't close loans in the first couple weeks, or even the first couple months. But I followed the systems and the leverage that they offer and have in place for their IAPs to succeed, and in 12 months have since closed 6 deals with the company, now making 50% commissions and with access to enterprise level relationships where there's potential to make hundreds of thousands, and possibly even 7-figures on a single deal... Where else in the U.S., or in the world, can a guy with no background, or prior education have this kind of opportunity after just 12 months. All I did was put the time in - no other way around it. Even better than the above, and the reason I plan on sticking with this company, is because they have not only provided an incredible support system and incredibly encouraging atmosphere, but they continue to launch the ultimate in leverage tools that will ultimate allow me to make money in my sleep, and allow me to stop working 70 hr weeks, so that some day, sooner than later, I can quit the grind. I worked my morning breaks, my lunches, my nights, weekends, and time behind the wheel so that eventually I don't have to. The company is emerging into more than I ever expected when I signed on, and the fluidity, and "open forum" feel of the company makes it a place I look forward to growing with, and being a part of. As someone once told me, "This train is moving full speed ahead - get on it, or be behind it." - I plan to be on board." Marty J, Milwaukee, WI

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